Korean BBQ Restaurant



Korean restaurant SEOUL:SSAMM open in Brisbane;

Soul of Seoul vibe For 200 years, until the turn of the 20th century,


Korea was known as the “hermit kingdom” a peninsular nation with borders closed to foreigners.


With water on three sides and rugged mountains claiming 70 percent of the land,

isolation naturally influenced the cuisine.


While recognisably Asian, a Korean meal offers flavour, textures and experiences

you won’t find elsewhere, from the fiery, pungent kimchi to the way a meal is served.


Considered by the World Health Organization as 'an example of healthy food',


Korean cuisine is based on natural and balanced principles,

Korean food is globally defined as healthy and nutritious food made with sincerity.


Trading Hours

Wed - Sun


12:00 ~ 14:30pm


17:30 - 22:00 pm



17:30 - 21:40 pm

Every Tuesday is Closed